Candle Charts for each release

Pip Spike Analysis Chart

NewsTrader Pro 2.0 Released!
One Of The Most Advanced Trading Tools Available for Forex NewsTraders

Pip Deviation from Economic Release Open


Line Charts for each Release

Detailed Analysis of Current and Historical US and International Economic Indicators with Major Currencies Price Volatility Charts

Reliable and Accurate Weekly Database updates! 
On-time and every-time for 4 straight years!  


Minute-by-Minute Price Range for All Symbols

Added CHF Releases!!

Browsable Historic Economic Calendar With Release Pip Volatility Drill-Down Charts

16 Currency Pairs Total! We Added 7 MORE Currency Pairs to our Currency Price Database

Pip and Price Volitility 'Drill Down' Charts

'Live' Economic Calendar

New Low Cost 'USD' only version Now Available

Low Cost Monthly Subscription
Now Available

Over 60 US and International Economic Indicators with Actuals, Consensus and Difference

Plus 16 Currency Pairs with up to 5 years of Price Action, Data Analysis, and more..

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