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'Live' Economic Calendar


Browsable Weekly Economic Calendar with Currency Pair Historical Pip Ranges and Volatility Candle Charts for Each Release

Economic Calendar, History Overview and Currency Pairs

Economic Calendar of upcoming Events
Plan your News Trades for the week with NewsTrader Pro

Indicator History Overview: Actual, Consensus, Difference
5 Years History: From January 2005 through Present!

NewsTrader Pro shows the Date, Time, Actual, Consensus 
and Actual-Consensus Difference for each Economic Release.

Selectable list of Currency Pairs to view
Select 1 or all of the 16 Currency Pairs

 Economic Indicator Actuals Release Page, Frequency, and Same Day Releases

Link to Indicator Home Page and Actuals Release Page
NewsTrader Pro takes you directly to the release web site 
for each Economic Indicator so you can get the 
Actual release number as it is released.
Economic Indicator Release Information

Release description and purpose for each Economic Indicator.
Same Day Releases

When viewing Release data, NewsTrader Pro shows other 
Economic Indicators released on the same day.

Economic Release Price Action by Currency Pair and Date

Group Economic Release history data by Currency Pair or Release Date. NewsTrader Pro shows you the Currency Pair, Release Date, Actual, Consensus, Actual-Consensus Difference, High Pips, 
Low Pips, Total Range Pips, and Average number of Pips moved. You can filter by Release Actual Less than Consensus, Greater than Consensus, Equal Consensus or View All.

Releases Summary by Currency Pair

Releases Summary by Release Date

Charts: Candlestick,  Pip Spike Analysis, Price Deviation, Line Chart

Candlestick Charts
Analyze Price Trend and catch the big moves!
with 1,2,3,4,5,10,15 Minute Candle Charts 

Pip Spike Analysis
Discover when the big moves happen with 1 Minute Total Range Charts


Price Deviation
Track how the price deviates from Initial Release 
with 1 Minute Price Deviation Charts 


Line Chart

Currency Price Action Data Detail

1 Minute OHLC Price Action from Initial Release
Minute by Minute OHLC Price Action Detail
(FO=From Open)

Multiple Time Frames from Initial Release
Multiple Time Frame Close Prices show distance in Pips 
the price has moved from Initial Release

Max High, Max Low and Total Range 
Max High, Max Low, and the minute they occurred
for each Economic Release.

Economic Indicators on the Web

Search Google by Indicator, Direct Links to Release Home Page and Release Actuals Page